Exporting Paparazzi to remote Facet-Eye

Viewing Paparazzi screen shots

Fig. 1 The locate_capture link
Fig. 2 Example of captured paparazzi image
Generally, you would use the viewer3 link to view screenshots of your own computer because viewer3 provides a history.

However, the viewer3 is not suitable for viewing many remote screenshots (think of a teacher in a classroom viewing 24 student screens). Viewer3 has too much it displays beyond the screenshot.

The latest_capture link (found as shown in Fig. 1) exports only the latest screenshot. As seen in Fig. 2, the local link for latest_capture is:

Go to the port manager and review the links for port 96940. When done, substitute an external ip address and port for If you use https, change http to https and use port 96941. There might be a password and you would get that in the port manager as well. Test this link to insure you can access the screenshot from outside the computer (the version is guaranteed to be non-remote so is not the answer).

Now that you have link which can be accessed outside the computer, there are additional parameters you can specify, in addition to display. They are:

  • display_width - shrink the width displayed to a constrained size. The screen image is alt full resolution so that the html displayed is size limited.
  • top_label - provides a label at the top of the screen image
  • bot_label - provides a label at the bottom of the screen image

A working example url is:


This full url gives access to a running screenshot of your system. At the risk of stating the obvious: secure it well.