Facet-Eye Installation: Basic

After downloading the Facet-Eye zip file,

open it in a folder view. Copy latest_PS_release from the zip file onto the desktop or somewhere convenient to you.

XP restriction: Under XP, ignore the extract to desktop alternative. The directory path may not contain a space (as would happen on desktop). This no space restriction does not exist on recent versions of Windows (10 and server 2008).

In the extracted folder, run the PS_run.exe file (or PS_launch.exe for live debug log).

Click though the security warnings.

This install under XP (we also regularly run Win 10 and Win Server 2008) had warnings about both the exe and attaching to the internet. It did not happen this time, but we have seen the imposition of security warnings have corrupted Facet-Eye's start-up. If Facet-Eye does not initialize properly, you