Automating Facet-Eye installation

As released, the Face-Eye install zip file is ready to run in a single installation. However, if the release installation is installed 25 times over, the installs would not be able to access each other or be treated as a single entity for billing.

Of course, the released zip file can be installed and then the customizing information entered into each workstation manually. Here, we give an installation flow which can be automated.

(1) Get started

Use the contact us link to get a copy of the install zip file and a MY_NET_NAME identifier. Please let us know how many workstations your Network-Operations-Center may want to setup on.

(2) Unpack zip file

Copy the Perserv directory and all subdirectory contents from the zip file to a directory on the workstation file system or desktop. The name of the workstation directory is arbitrary but let's call it PERSERV_DIR here in the instructions.

(3) First time install only

Run PS_run.exe file and follow the path: setup3 (to exit Paparazzi) >> Admin >> XML Edit >> Control.xml >> Servers to find

Use this text as a template to construct the file in step 4. Exit Perserv and erase the @data directory before proceeding.

(4) Individualize each workstation

Place a text file having format like

over existing (if any) PERSERV_DIR/@data/control.xml file while Perserv is not running.

Substitute the IP address of this computer between my_domain tags (shown as Substitute the name of the PEM file for this domain (shown as example.pem) and copy the file into PERSERV_DIR/iam directory. This step is needed to allow the workstation to be accessed via https. Otherwise only http is supported and even then http is confined to localhost only. Whether http and/or https, by default, Perserv requires you to enable external requests before they become active outside the local machine.

You can also add the MY_NET_NAME you received between my_net_name tags.

(5) Confirm installation

Start PERSERV_DIR/PS_run.exe or PERSERV_DIR/PS_launch.exe. The workstation launches with the Paparazzi viewer. You can confirm workstation has been customized at setup3 (to exit Paparazzi) >> Admin >> XML Edit >> Control.xml >> Servers.

(6) Start with Windows

Copy a link from PERSERV_DIR/PS_run.exe to the windows start directory

to have Paparazzi start automatically.

(7) Other 24 workstations

Repeat steps 2, 4, 5, and 6 at the remaining 24 workstations. Each workstation gets their own individual text file in step 4.