Installation requirements and usage guidelines for Facet-Eye and Paparazzi


  • Facet-Eye and Paparazzi must be installed on Windows client or servers. They will run on systems at least as old as XP/Server 2003. However, such older systems do not support modern security protocols and we recommend against Windows versions for which Microsoft has already withdrawn support.
  • Installed computers must be connected either locally on your internal LAN (local area network) or to the internet. The user interface displays via html pages and Windows will only load the TCP/IP drives needed when connected.

Suggestions (Facet-Eye)

  • Facet-Eye works best with responsive web sites; ones which adjust their display to size of device. If a site adjusts to mobile phone or computer, it is responsive and works with Facet-Eye.
  • Facet-Eye is most useful with sites which put their important information at the top of the screen.

  • Facet-Eye most usefully displays between 1-6 sites. Beyond 6, the amount of screen space which can be devoted to each site is limited. There is no prior limit to what you can specify. For example, we have mocked up 24 sites as 6 rows having 4 columns each. Our own working day-in-day-out system monitors 3 sites as 1 row having 3 columns.

  • Facet-Eye does not login and then navigate. It access a single url per site monitored, not a sequence.

  • The display of each site blanks momentarily while a new access is made. The blanking puts a lower limit of several seconds between accesses and on how fast an alert can appear on screen. Facet-Eye is not intended for use where an alert must propagate in real time. The fastest worst-case propagation is around 5 seconds. In our use, we scan every 7 1/2 minutes to keep load down on the sites being scanned.

  • We strongly recommend that Facet-Eye access the sites being monitored using different credentials than you normally use. If you see an anomaly, you don't want to use the Facet-Eye page to go there since the Facet-Eye page auto-refreshes. So, you open a new window. If you use the same credentials for the newly opened page, you can affect the Facet-Eye settings or vice versa.

    Suggestions (Paparazzi)