Nov 28, 2018
Today we discovered that we leaked private login information for one of our support accounts. We have removed our private information from the latest V1 download zip file. All other download files have been removed and links to removed files deactivated on this page.

Nov 11, 2018
After operating experience with Versions 4.0 and 4.01 (V4) below, we find ourselves going back to V1. In part, this is because we no longer have the dedicated machine running which V4 requires. So, we are recommending the latest V1 download zip file. There is no separate XP version for V1. As is.

We have no immediate plans for adequate documentation of V4. The notes here are what exist for now. We are forking the code base to take it in a new direction. Stay tuned to my facebook Network-Operations_Center page.

V1 generates and starts a self-refreshing, framed document which displays N web pages in frames. V4 takes a more advanced approach. A dedicated machine hosting Paparazzi program takes full screen shots of Internet Explorer accessing the equivalent N web pages. The Facet_Eye program packs sections of each captured screenshot in a self-refreshing, framed document which it exports as a web page.

V4 is more demanding of your system because it relies on conveying images. V1 relies on html, which can often require less communication bandwidth. V4 has the ability to follow some post-login paths. V1 has the ability to interact with the web pages being reviewed between self-refresh intervals.

Oct 30, 2018 4.01 problems fixed
cookie containing wid, hgt was lost. FE now auto senses browser window size
black screen cause documented: minimized or detached RDP session
midnight restart left a dos box onscreen

Today, we are releasing FE401_win_10 for all versions of Windows later than XP. Use FE401_XP instead for XP.

Oct 25, 2018 4.0 version 4 initial release
Facet-Eye 4.0 is based on a landmark version of Python 3.7, released in 2018. 3.7 is the last Python for which original author Guido van Rossum served as BDFL (project authority).

Today, we are releasing FE40_win_10 for all versions of Windows later than XP. Use FE40_XP instead for XP.

This website documents Facet-Eye 1.0. A lot has changed getting to 4.0. This website is not one of them. So, a download relies on similarity to version 1.0. There are some key observation noted here:

Facet-Eye is free of charge and licensed under an included adaptation of the Python license.

Facet-Eye is the general name for a package consisting of two independent programs: Facet-Eye and Paparazzi. Which Facet-Eye (general vs. program name) is inferred by the context used.

Paparazzi takes screen shots. In Facet-Eye 10, Paparazzi acquired URLs. In 4.0, it went to capturing screenshots taken from running the URLs in Internet Explorer (per source code). Correspondingly, Facet-Eye grew to displaying fragments extracted from Paparazzi screenshots.

But because of what Paparazzi does, periodically pop up Internet Explorer, it really requires a dedicated system where it does not have to contend for the screen with either humans or other programs.

Facet-Eye exports a url that can be access to show the facet view. Both Facet-Eye and Paparazzi place their program icons on system tray. Right click for control of either program. The construction of that url is beyond the scope of today's document other than saying it requires full exploration Port_Mgr at Right click FE >> Super >> Admin >> Port_Mgr.