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for a successor to Facet-Eye called Facet. Paparazzi is no longer available.

Monitor multiple servers on one screen

Fig. 1 Four sites displayed on a single screen, refreshed periodically.
Facet-Eye is a tool for monitoring servers you own. In use, you would display a dashboard page from each of your servers.

At right, we are monitoring 4 different servers in one screen. A glance at a single screen allows us to verify that all of our servers are operating correctly

Facet-Eye comes bundled with a screenshot capture and manage module called Paparazzi (think of taking many photos, keeping the best).

Because these tools can be misused, we do not sell them anonymously. You must not use them on computers belonging to others. Our ideal customer is a network-operations-center (NOC), monitoring a network of cloud based computers.

NOCs typically have multiple screens per engineer. This poses a unique scaling problem. As information and new tasks confront the NOC, they may already be approaching limits on just how much screen space they have.